Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's a matter of degrees

Yesterday: 58 and sunny.

Today: 61 and hazy/cloudy.

Yesterday felt much, much warmer.

Regular verbs

I've established a page on this blog for song titles if all verbs were regular. You may suggest others.

West Acton truncated ride

9.04 miles when I veer right before going all the way into the village of West Acton. Under some hazy cirrus-y sun, and a headwind in the first mile and last two miles.

The last crocus picture of March 2013

The larger croci come out in a few weeks. You'll see those then.

Update: the larger ones are out. Picture when they are open tomorrow.

I took this picture one year ago next March 31

Snow free. Finally.

Sunny chose blue

The camera prefers Sunny

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Biking shoes

Tuttle Lane

Super macro

This is a very teeny little flower.


We chose black

Cuter in person

Does this second coat make me look fat?

This qualifies as work

Yet another sign of spring

Signs of spring

Screens installed in windows, yard work accomplished (Sandy did blow down a lot of small branches), snow shovels moved to the garage, and Sunny's new napping place.

The refi

We finished up our third and most painless refi last night, as a lawyer from a professional loan closing service popped by and made us sign and initial ∞ pages. Now our monthly mortgage payments will be lesser by about three hunnert bucks. And lesser than our mortgage payments in 2000 by about thirteen hunnert bucks — that reflecting a smaller principal amount and a far lower interest rate.

So there.

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's a go-to kind of thing

Usually to augment salad dressing.

In a way, this picture says it all

The flip flop shots

MWAA ha ha ha

Yeah, I did that

Season opening ride!

Ah, well it got cloudy in the morning, so it was a cold one. Nonetheless, when it hit 50, I hit the roads for the short (5.37 miles) season-opening ride which I will likely repeat tomorrow with Beff.

This afternoon I might be doing a little rustoleum, dontcha know.


And the all-important flyover:

How they spend the mornings

Waiting, waiting, waiting for treats.

Or conspicuously being within earshot of any offered treats.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

And Book III is out of the gate

How could it be out of the gate? Didn't we just get more the gate yesterday?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

They like the weather, too

Best spicy pickle so far...

It keeps going after it's eaten, tickles the back of your tongue, and then subsides slowly. Nice.

The final tally

9, 6, 3, 2.

Spring springs some more

Inflating four tires

... from 20 psi, to where they had slumped during the winter, to 80 psi, where they belong, is hard work on the arms.

Incidentally. First bike ride of the season, just barely. To the bike shop for a little sprucing up, and back. Round trip less than two miles.

Date of last year's first Bikes Are Out picture: March 18.

More inside the piano stuff

Piano was tuned today for the first time in three years (I was busy). Providing a rare glimpse into its innards. As Steve always says after tuning, Be sure and let me know when you get a real piano.

On to the next thing

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The finalists in better light

Go ahead. Click on the photos. You know you want to.

Double bar.

And then there was sun.

Other weekend activity: rustoleuming the bulkhead doors. To that end, I shoveled the auxiliary roofs so that there would be no more dripping from melting snow.

Also note that I made a path to the gazebo for Sunny.

Weekend activity

A strip of sealant has come undun, so it's time to redo it. Beff has the bathroom and spackle experience, so I look forward to handing off the job to her and remarking, "You're the caulk expert."


I colori del giorno

Monday, March 25, 2013

Analog ≠ Digital

Just polished these off (I bought them in Maine). Note that potato chips, which are analog, are said to have an Explosive HD flavor.

This is wrong on so many levels.

And the finalists are...

At the moment, I'm leaning toward the blue. We'll see what happens when/if the sun comes out.

As the roof thing starts

Yes, new roof coming. Today, samples of our three finalists are being tacked onto the garage roof so we can see them in the light and the wet to make a final choice.

As Cammy resists posing with my birthday present

My birthday is in June.