Saturday, February 9, 2013

The obligatory snowstorm pictures

7 a.m. the morning after. Front stoop. I won't be complaining to the NY Times that my paper didn't arrive. Or will I?

Back yard. The snow did not stick to trees, or much to roofs because of the wind. Thus it's piled in strange asymmetrical ways, as is always the case with blizzards. It doesn't look like Sunny will be going under the gazebo real soon.

Back porch. Waiting for the driveway to be plowed, which will be a little while. Steve plows for the town of Stow now, and only pops by when he's done there. On the plus side, that means we don't have to shovel (much of) the plow schmutz. On the other plus side, he doesn't seem to be charging us.

Front door. And to think I had slammed it shut so it wouldn't blow open.

Computer room window facing the back yard. About ten feet to the left, the roof outside that window is completely bare.

The north (facing us) and west sides of the gazebo roof are nearly bare. The southeast, though, has a strange cancerous lump of snow on it. And I don't know anything about the snowballs on the railing.

Also note that we closed the garage door. The wind whipped around the corner and piled snow up againt the door, while leaving the driveway at the corners bare.

The flat roof over the sun porch as observed from our bedroom. I have to shovel it because rain is expected Monday, and collapsed roofs hurt a home's resale value. It's hip high outside the other window.

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