Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shoveling at dawn

Yes. It was 4° out and I was shoveling at dawn. That's the way I roll.

'cause, like, Steve came and plowed with his bigass truck about 3 yesterday, and there was lots of small stuff still in piles, so he was sending two of his guys for cleanup. They arrived in the dark, around 7, after they thought they'd finished for the day. Sigh. Guilt. So a large piece I needed plowed in order to have room for my car to back up, I didn't mention. 'cause I was the only thing between them and going home.

Thus did I do that piece, plus lots of other schmutz at various parts of the driveway, all in gradually increasing light. That was 45 minutes of work.

Steve, knowing my OCD tendencies for this stuff, made sure to bow the end of the driveway. Sweet.

Thus when I was done I could take these pictures. The four feet of extra clear between the camera and the house is part of what I did.

This is the back of that cleared section, and you can see the cancerous growth on the gazebo.

Geoffy was sent to Dunkin' Donuts for provisions (by me), and he made it out of the driveway.

Yes, it's bowed. Also, note how smart Steve's plowing is. The big pile is on the left. Thus the snow on the right (on the driver's left on the way out) is low enough so you can see approaching traffic.

Geoffy did the shoveling of the back walkway. Also note cancerous growth on gazebo.

Front of house.

For comparison, see Beff in front walkway in December 2002.

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