Saturday, February 2, 2013


Occasionally we take a Saturday lunch in downtown Lexington, a teeny but fun place surrounded by lots of Colonial architecture. Since there's just about three blocks of stuff to do, it doesn't take long, but it's kinda fun. The last time we did this was last March.

We always park on one of the sides of the triangular "Cannon Green" and walk the extra block into town.

We don't know what the new belfry looks like, but we've seen the old one.

We like to browse Spectrum Music — an actual sheet music store (no Rakowski in stock. Yes, I looked) — which is in a basement space. And we like to go to this place, where everything is Italian. Hence the name. They seriously need an "APERTO" sign.

There we always get pasta, olives, other such things that you can eat. This is our booty from today's shop.

After our strolling and shopping, we love eating at Nourish Restaurant. Now that's a minimal name. The wings there are smoked rather than fried, and the hot sauce a lovely complement to the smoked flavor. Today we got the wings, vegetarian chili, and quesadilla.

On the way out, we said bye bye to the guy guarding the Green.

And stopped at Last National Wine for Rosé, where we encountered a bunch of Pinot Grigio taking a bow.

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