Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tanglewood 1982

Click on any of the pictures and you'll get a larger view.

Martler and some girl who's now in her late 30s; the gang; Steve Block and baby; Martler; Martler and Nami; and Frieda.

Nami and Joan Heller; Theodore Antoniou and Richard Ortner; Nami, Ludovico and Joan; Dan Brewbaker.

Dan and the Italians; Charlotte, Penny and Gheorge; Ross, Betty and Martler with Talia; moi; group; Martler's fingers.

Bob Morris; Nami; Martler; group; Martler and me; Gheorge and wife.

Ross and Ginger; Ray Shattenkirk et al; Ray et al; group; Ludo and Dan; Ludo.

Naneen; Mom 2; Martler; group; Ludo; Anna.