Sunday, December 9, 2012

Uh oh.

My second favorite pickle ever was discovered, by me, at Stop & Shop Acton today; I hadn't seen Vavel anywhere in about eight years. I bought Stop & Shop out (two jars). For the record, my favorite pickle is Smak.

Optima bold, an extra bold variant of Bauhaus, a generic sans serif, and a generic Italic serif. Too many fonts on the label.

The free pickles they used to have at Happy Burger in New York City tasted similar. I went to Happy Burger a lot when I lived there. Happy Burger no longer exists, alas. So I don't go there any more. If I did, I'd be disappointed and possibly arrested.

Beff wonders if it's pronounced Wa-Wel. This would, of course, change everything, and also change nothing. Pickles are like that.