Monday, December 31, 2012

A little Ave Maria for New Years Eve

Ave Maria on Uncle Davy's Magic Piano from Fifth House Ensemble on Vimeo.

Madonna's a little less well off than we thought

They're using my font. Again.

Regina Pizzeria at the Solomon Pond Mall, you used the shareware version of the font. Pony up and I'll let you have some lowercase letters, and even an ß.

Also, what's a K1 (space) (space) (space) Kids Meal Kids?

Cheese and you

Got this in the Kitchen Store in the mall. The great part (apparently) was saying "when we get home, we'll have to cut some cheese."

Because, you know, like.

Glow golf. I'm not making this up.

Nothing says fun with blacklights like a golf ball.

Conceptual art at the mall

You first.

Night light

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The beginning of a snowstorm. In the dark.

Irresistible cat pictures 3


Two jars of homemade spicy pickles were in the holiday-pak™ from my sister Jane. Wow, do they have a kick. Eat one little slice and it's eye-opening. Two and you run for the fire hose. That's got to be either habañero or Scotch bonnet at the bottom of that jar.

Update: Jane informs me that the peppers in the mix are Trinidad Scorpion. I have no idea what that means.