Monday, August 27, 2012


Encountered in Roche Brothers Supermarket in Acton this morning. I still find it a little creepy to see a font I created twenty years ago being used for commercial signage.

Honey Pot Hill ride

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hammock's eye view

And here is a blog post constructed entirely on the iPhone and posted with it. Eventually I'll get over the novelty.

Here's the world from my hammock.

West Acton and back

This ride turns out to be longer than we thought it was — almost ten miles.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lake Boon and back

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Debussy would have celebrated his 150th birthday today, Stockhausen his 84th, and my father would have celebrated his 91st. He died in 1979. The name of the cat: 'Mokey Bear.

Zio Davino mobile? Why?

Why? Because Beff and I have the mobile versions of our blogging things on our iPhones and iPads, and this seems like the right place to waste bandwidth on things I do other than muse about music or post videos of my music. So there. I've got blogger, and Beff has wordpress.

I look forward to posting food pictures, for instance, from my iPhone. Or random stuff from work. Or from, uh, when I'm in a car and not the driver.

So take today, for instance, I have found out that I can share 3-D playbacks of the bike rides that Beff and I have been taking, thanks to MapMyRide — the iPhone app and the webpage.

Thus am I able actually to post these playbacks right here, using a little strategy and a bunch of embed code. Apparently you have to have the Google Earth plug-in active to watch these suckers. Or if you are French and very sweet (or aspire to sweetness), these sucres.

So this morning I did our usual ride to West Concord and back. Behold.

Yesterday I did our usual route through the Assabet National Wildlife Refuge — formerly the Assabet National Guard Training Ground, and formerly the Assabet Munitions Storage. Before all of that, south Maynard and southeast Stow.

On Monday, late in the day, I had gotten the advice on Facebook from Jake Runestad for an iPhone app to get to track bike rides, and Beff and I wanted to try it out. We did our shortest ride — our first ride of every spring — and found out that what we thought was a 3-mile ride is 5-1/4 miles. Zowie.

It's got a pretty high cool factor and a pretty short shelf life. Thus do I end this post here.